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Why is Yaadman Cooking Gas so Cheap?

Why is Red Cylinder—Yaadman—Cooking Gas so Cheap?—Is it A Bogus Gas, & Is it Really Safe?

When a new product come on the market, there are always meaningful concerns. These questions and concerns that you have are normal.

This shows that you are a caring person, you want to do what’s right, and you also desire the best for yourselves and your family. You also, don’t want to be scammed by any merchant that is looking to take advantage of you.

So, is the red cylinder gas (YAADMAN/Texgas) a rip-off, is it safe? You have nothing to worry about. YES, Yaadman cooking gas is as safe as any other cooking gas you can think of.

Energy Plant

Here is the thing, the gas in the red cylinder is coming from Petrojam of Jamaica. The other cooking gas distributors are allowed to import their gas directly into the market, according to this Gleaner Newspaper article. If you trust Petrojam of Jamaica with the petrol you use in your vehicles then we can trust them on this one.

Here is another great thing about this new company, the cylinders are new. Pretty much newer than what the other cooking gas company have on the market.

Some of the other company’s cylinders are in circulation now for a long period, been banged up, rusty, and even of to be refurbished.

What is more, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica has to pressure test and approve these cylinders before they can go on the market to be kept in your homes.

Just as we trust the Bureau of Standards to lookout for our interest when it comes to our food and other things, we can trust that they will do a good job with these cylinders as well.

Why so Cheap?

“But why is so cheap?” You might ask. Let me ask you something. How many times have you said to yourself or discuss it with others that cooking gas shouldn’t be so expensive?

Well, You can very well imagine that this an issue these new investors see and decided to do something about it. Take for example the Thrifty petrol stations model (and other newer ones) which offers some of the lowest prices on gasoline.

So, while there are several big-name petrol stations around the island of Jamaica, we often find it convenient to take advantage of the lower cost petrol that the smaller brands sells, which is more budget friendly. And oftentimes the quality is pretty much the same.

When it comes to cooking gas, you will find different dealers/distributors adding a percentage markup that they see fit.

ChoiceGas is committed to offer you the lowest prices on cooking gas, with no compromise on great service. You can also expect your gas delivered on-time for free.

You deserve to know all there is to know about the things that matter to you. Also, you owe it to yourself to always seek out the best quality product at the lowest price possible.

That is what you can expect to get from us with the backing of Yaadman gas and their partner GB Energy-Texaco (Texgas).

These cooking gas prices are reasonably markup so you can enjoy the meals you cook without worrying about the high gas price. And no, you are not buying some bogus gas. It is legally obtained from Petrojam Jamaica LTD. You may find this Jamaica Gleaner newspaper article informative.

Don’t let those good fears of yours stop you from taking advantage of this awesome cooking gas deal. You would be surprised to know the number of people benefiting from this “new” cooking gas.

Please leave us a comment, so we can help you with any other concerns you might have.

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