Why Does Cooking Gas Smell so Stink

Why Cooking Gas Smell So Stink?

If Cooking Gas Is Made from Natural Gas—Why Does it Smell so Stink?

Cooking gas is the leading source of fuel in many households across the world. Despite that, many users have raised their concerns about one specific thing, its bad smell.

The majority of the people who use cooking gas have been asking ‘why it smells so stink despite the fact that it is made from natural gas which is odorless’.  You can all bear me witness that the smell that comes from cooking gas is not pleasant as one would expect. It should however not make you panic at all.

Other people have gone to the extent of questioning if it is safe for household use since many products with bad smell are expected to be harmful or not fit for household consumption. You do not have to be worried anymore about the bad smell because here is the truth that you have been waiting to hear.

What’s that smell?

We all know that you can’t see or taste natural gas so we have to make sure you can smell it for safety reasons. Since smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms cannot detect a gas leak and your nose can, a harmless gas called Ethyl Mercaptan is added to natural gas to make it smell like rotten eggs.

The distinctive smell is added to natural gas so you can detect even the smallest amount which might leak. It smells bad, yes but that’s good! Natural gas has no odor of its own which means without an additive a leak can continue without been detected and lead to deadly fires.

Why Does Cooking Gas Smell so Stink

Is it harmful?

Everyone should be able to recognize that the bad smell is our built-in safety signal to allow easy detection. That does not make cooking gas unsafe for household use in any way. Without the added smell, there would be many fire cases by gas leaks due to late or lack of leak detection. 

Cooking gas is very safe for use at home the smell is just a way of making sure that one can smell and respond to any potential leak.

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