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We're in this together—COVID-19

From us here at ChoiceGas to you, we just wanted to say that we are here for you in this time of crisis. As the entire world faces this pandemic we wanted to do our best to assure every family that we’ll be here to supply your gas needs.

We understand how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the entire world and it’s important now more than ever that we all work together as effectively as possible in order to ensure our safety and well being during these trying times.

At ChoiceGas our aim has always been bringing families together through our cooking gas and we would never want to do anything that would jeopardize that. This is why we are taking every precautionary measure we can to keep all our equipment, staff, and cylinders disinfected at all times. We don’t want you to worry about any kind of contamination when ordering from us because we know how important gas is when you need it. Thanks to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, for permitting us to make cooking gas deliveries during lockdowns.

Many stores have been closed down and we know that many of you probably get your gas from those reliable shops you’ve been going to for years. We wanted to keep our virtual doors open so you don’t start stressing when you find out they closed the store you typically go to for gas. ChoiceGas is here to keep every family well stocked up on the gas they need to keep cooking every day’s meal as we all stay safe inside our homes.

Don’t worry about leaving your home to get the cooking gas you need. 

  • Our cooking gas delivery service starts bright and early at 7 AM and ends at 7 PM, except for Sundays when we close at 5 PM.
  • And with the urge to stay at home as much as is possible, you may be in need of a cooking gas refill but don’t have any cash at home.

    We understand, that is why we have card payment and online transfer options are available for your convenience.

So if you were feeling pressured to leave your home in a state that’s on lock-down, don’t, we’ll head over to you and deliver it ourselves. It’s your safety and those loved ones around you we want to protect which is why we’re working extremely hard to get to as many people as we can.

Not only do we want to keep every family well-stocked on cooking gas right now but we want to do it at the most affordable price possible so there is no extra burden on you during these troubling times. As many of us suffer from the financial difficulty of being let go or not being able to work we took it upon ourselves to make our cooking gas more affordable for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about having the essentials like cooking gas when you didn’t expect to need it. So were staying dedicated to our top-rated service, helping our community, and delivering clean, quality cooking gas right to your doorstep.

Let's Do This together

So please stay inside your homes and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Stay safe, keep your distance from people, and don’t leave your home for gas because we’re already on the way!

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