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Ways To Reheat Your Meals Without The Microwave

More often than not, we relegate ourselves to a single appliance in the kitchen while leaving others idle for no just cause. To most of us, leftovers without a microwave in the kitchen mean “done with.”

Well, in case this is speaking to you even as you read this article with astonishment of the fact that there are more ways to make your leftovers deliciously useful again, even without a microwave, then you just stopped at the right place.

Yes, reheating your meals without a microwave means you’ve reached that point where you have to be an adult when it comes to the kitchen. So, read on to learn these simple ways of reheating your meals without a microwave.

1-Using the Stove-top

Did you think that the stove is meant only for cooking? If yes, you got it all wrong. As a matter of fact, your stove-top seems to be the best kitchen appliance you can use in reheating leftovers such as sauces, pasta, soups as well as fries. Well, in using the stove, there are some tips to help you have a smooth reheating.

  • Ensure that you are using the right size of pot or pan for the amount of food you want to reheat. By doing this, heat can easily circulate your food and make every part of the meal heat up evenly.
  • Gage the flame you are applying from the stove to the food about medium-low heat since you aren’t cooking the food afresh. Doing this ensures that the food you are reheating doesn’t get burnt easily. 
  • For food such as cheese and mac, which are pasta-based, you may need to add a pat of butter to prevent it from drying out while heating.

2-Using the Toaster Oven

Scared to see the toaster oven as a reheating appliance? Don’t be because it may be an underused appliance that is lying idle in most of us kitchen’s, but happens to be one of the best appliances for reheating food such as pizza as well as other fried or breaded foods. In fact, it is a sure bet that when you use the toaster oven for reheating stuff like cheesy bread, you may never go back to using the microwave again. Well, here are some tips to guide you while reheating your foods using the toaster oven. 

  • To prevent the food from drying out, use foil to cover it. That’s one sure way to ensure your food retain its flavor. 
  • A very moderate temperature of 350°F should be fine to reheat most food suitable for this method. 
  • Don’t forget to check every few minutes to see if the reheating process is going okay.

3-Using the Oven

Whether you have a full size or counter-top oven, you can get your food reheated perfectly within minutes with this piece of kitchen appliance. Ovens are mostly suitable for reheating food such as bread, meat, and pizza. In the same vein, one outstanding benefit of reheating your food using the oven is that it gives a low heat, which is the best heat for reheating food. Here are some useful tips to have the best heating from your kitchen oven.

  • Preheat the oven to about 250-300oF. With this, you can use the oven to reheat almost anything
  • You may have to cut your meat into slices or shreds before popping them into the oven. This helps the heat to circulate evenly within the meat.

Take Away

Microwave is a great kitchen appliance, but that shouldn’t make you settle for soggy and gummy pizza or even a dried out bread when trying to reheat your leftovers. Diversify, and make full use of your kitchen’s potentials, and you can sure reheat your meals at will like a top chef.

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