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Hydrating & Nutritious Summer Dishes

Dishes That Can Help You Stay Hydrated This Summer

Staying hydrated is a constant challenge, especially during the summer when the weather becomes warmer and we sweat more under the sun.

Everyone is aware of the need to drink lots of fluids—but isn’t this a difficult habit to build especially when sometimes it is not easy to remember to gulp anything?

Besides, those 8 daily glasses of water may be exaggerated, since approximately 20 percent of our water intake is derived from the vegetables and fruits that many of us consume every day.

We’re not implying that you eliminate water altogether, but rather that you may have to adjust your diet a bit.

Enter the Soup

Eating soup is an excellent way to nourish and hydrate yourself during the summer. Soups can also help with improving your metabolism and digestion while sustaining your body with nutrients. 

Soup is also good for the gut and can be an ideal dinner serving for people trying to lose weight. 

Examples of vegetables with high water levels are cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and lettuce. Add these four ingredients into a soup salad and you will have a powerhouse (plus hydrating) meal.

You might have already heard about winter soups with carrots, leafy green vegetables, and beetroots, but our remedy is very straightforward: By chowing down the following soup recipes, you won’t need to worry about much.

All the ingredients have up to 90 percent water content, but some of the fruit or vegetable recipes require cooking, which may reduce their water content a little. No worries, since they still will offer you the level of hydration that you desire.

Cucumber Soup

Cucumbers have high water levels and are excellent for enhancing digestion and keeping the body hydrated. Cucumbers also improve skin health by keeping our bodies cool during the summer. 

Sauté garlic and onion in olive oil or butter and add cucumber along with some slices of zucchini to it. 

Thoroughly cook the vegetables and squash the mixture once it has cooled down. Garnish with a little coriander and some seasoning then serve. This dish makes for an ideal appetizer or even a light dinner meal.

Orange and Tomato Soup

A creamy broth made with oranges and tomato is the perfect way to round-up after an entire day of work and eating healthy. 

Tomato soups are enjoyable during any time of year, and the vitamins gotten from the orange will boost health.

Watermelon Gazpacho

This great recipe for summer soup will require you to mix the favorite summer fruits – watermelons and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Just blend these vegetables together, put in some seasoning and your hydrating summer soup is ready for eating!

Slow Cooking Summer Chicken Soup

This name of this soup is derived from its cooking technique; which is over a low fire, on a cooker. 

The broth is a combination of chicken and summer vegetables such as zucchini, ridged gourd or bottle gourd, cucumbers and corn which make a healthy and hydrating soup.

With the recipes above, there is no going wrong during summer— you will have delicious meals that are high in water and vitamins.

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