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    12Kgs (27 Lbs) Round-Top Yaadman Cooking Gas


    This cooking gas comes in a 27-pound (12Kg) cylinder that’s easily transportable and even easier to install. Not to mention at ChoiceGas we deliver all our cooking gas for FREE. You heard us right. You just order the cooking gas at your most desperate time and we’ll be here to rush out your essential cooking gas so you can continue making food for the family.

    Get more cooking done over a longer period of time with this 12kg  (27 lb) Yaadman cooking gas. Take on those hard to cook challenges without the worries of very expensive cooking gas prices.

    You can cook like a commercial chef on a household budget without feeling guilty. This cooking gas is reasonably priced and has more per tank so you can tackle those tough red peas, cow foot, turkey neck, etc.

    • Perfect for a large family household
    • A great choice for baking your cornmeal & sweet potato pudding 
    • The right choice for holiday & outdoor cooking
    • Works with any split-top regulator

    You can expect our best effort in delivering your cooking gas as quickly as possible. Our reputation stands strong and we intend on keeping it that way. That is why we offer free delivery, the lowest prices possible, and the most bang for your buck when it comes to cooking gas.

    Call now or order yours online and get super-fast free delivery…