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Are you in need of cooking but don’t have all day to wait to get a refill? We understand—it can be a drag. That’s why we’re here!

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Get your 11, 14, & 45Kgs cooking gas refills & Accessories.

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We make cooking gas affordable and accessible to everyone.

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We know that cooking gas is a part of daily life, so we’ve made it our mission to make it accessible to everyone. Our delivery drivers will bring you the gas of your choice directly to your home or business in minutes. We also offer accessories such as hose, clamps, and more—just ask!

Never worry about running out of cooking gas again.

Cooking gas is a staple in any kitchen, but it’s not always easy to get a hold of.  With ChoiceGas, you never need to worry about running out of gas for your stovetop again.

Fast and easy cooking gas delivery

We deliver gas to your doorstep in minutes! Our commitment to convenience means you can focus on cooking instead of worrying about gas refills.

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Get professional support and advice on anything from installation to energy-saving ideas and safe gas usage tips. We are here to help.

Our Products

We offer a wide variety of cooking gas including 11kg, 14kg, and 45kg. Additionally, we have all the accessories you need for your cooking gas needs at the most reasonable prices.

11Kgs (25 Lbs) LPG Cooking Gas

This is a convenient size for a typical household. It's perfect if you have a gas stove or a backyard barbeque.

14Kg (30Lbs) LPG Cooking Gas

This 14kg LPG Cooking Gas is ideal for longer time use. The price is great and for the amount of cooking you will do, it is well worth it!

Cooking Gas Regulator

This 25Lbs high pressure cooking gas regulator is a must for successful indoor or outdoor cooking.

Cooking Gas Rubber Hose

Cooking Gas Rubber Hose is a dynamic and useful product. It is made from non-toxic food grade material, which is safe to use and durable.

Client Testimonials

“Choice Gas is my go-to delivery service! Calvin is always quick, very professional, and always available to deliver any time any day. I’d recommend this service to anyone 👍”
David Paige
“Very reliable and always on time! Great service and customer service is awesome 👌 Prices are very reasonable too.. would recommend to anyone👍👍👍”
Felecia Forbes
“This was an amazing experience n would definitely use this company...ordered n delivery was on a gas leak,the personnel sorted it out n everything is perfect now...”
Easton Townsend

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ChoiceGas is only a phone call away! Let us help you with all of your cooking gas needs.


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12 kg (27.5 lb) Yaadman Cooking Gas

27 Lbs. (12 Kgs.) COOKING GAS

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Now $4,000

Are you in need of cooking gas but don’t have all day to wait to get a refill?

Worried your gas might finish in a few minutes, hours, or days and you don’t quite have the time? Just order your refill at your convenience and we’ll deliver it to you in minutes.

ChoiceGas sells cooking gas at the most reasonable prices and offers super-fast free delivery.

Free delivery for West Green, Bogue, Reading, Moy Hall, Tower Hill, Spring Gardens, Unity Hall, Hopewell, Sandy Bay.

Our customer support team works around the clock, 365 days a year to ensure that you get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Your days of carrying and transporting gas cylinders to and from the gas plant are over.

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