Save big on Cooking gas
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Massive Savings on Cooking Gas

How To Save Over $2,000 While You Buy 1 Cooking Gas less a Year

Would you like an extra week’s worth of cooking gas?

You can have it with ease. Here is how.

A typical small tank of cooking gas (25 lbs) usually serve a normal size household 4 to 6 weeks.

Now, think of how much more you can cook with an extra 2 Lbs of gas.

That’s 1 week more—or so—worth of cooking you could do before thinking of buying another gas.

So, let’s be reasonable and say your 25 lbs tank of cooking gas is serving you 8 weeks (2 months) right now, that’s 6.5 (6 ½) gas you’re buying per year.

With Yaadman cooking gas, the smallest tank is 27 lbs, you would buy 1 less gas a year. That’s one way of saving back money in your wallet.

Get Extra Yaadman Cooking Gas

One more thing, ChoiceGas sells Yaadman 27 lbs (that is the smallest tank they carry) cooking gas for over $400 less than the other gas sellers in Hopewell, Hanover.

Think of what you could do with over $400JMD. When you add it all up—the extra gas per tank plus over $400 less for a tank—that means all-around massive savings for you.

Call or order online and save BIG on this low-cost cooking gas now!

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