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How To Keep Your Children Safe Around The Kitchen

6 Tips On How To Keep Your Children Safe Around The Kitchen As They Enjoy Their Summer Holidays

It’s that time of the year again! The time that everyone looks forward to. Yes, the period when everyone can rally to the beach with no worries! Barbecues, sunbathing etc. It’s the time to embrace all these things! Oh, also, it’s the time of the year in which all the kids would be on school break. Summertime is here, and with it comes sweet vacation for the kids!

As a parent, I can tell you, I always have mixed feelings about this. It’s an opportunity to spend more time with your child/children, and this excites you. However, it’s an instinct to worry about the safety of your kids. Whether it be at the park, the mall, or at home, their security is of priority to you.  Since they’d be home for most of the summer, home safety is of utmost priority, and the kitchen is one place in the home where you can’t be too careful-especially when there are kids around. Here are six ways to protect your kids from hazards in the kitchen:

. Turn pot handles in when cooking: Children are naturally inquisitive and like to touch and grab things. Some things are safe for them to grab, while some are not- like pots with hot contents. If their hands can reach the pot handles, you know they’d grab it (it’s an irresistible urge), and the pot’s content would spill on them. To avoid this, turn pot handles toward the back of the stove when cooking meals.

.  Get obstacles out of the way: Since there are lots and lots of kitchen utensils, the kitchen tends to be filled with so many things, and there is usually not enough room. However, avoid keeping utensils on the floor, as kids could trip over them. Instead, keep extra utensils somewhere else- probably a store, or if they must stay in the kitchen, keep them in places that don’t obstruct movement.

.   Always keep the floor dry: Ensure that you mop the floor whenever there is a spill so that the kids don’t trip and hurt themselves. (You don’t want them spending their holiday in bandages). Also, keep liquids far from their reach, because if they can reach it, they can spill it!

Install safety locks: We love our kids and want them to enjoy themselves, but there are some doors they shouldn’t open- not because we don’t love them, but for their sake. For instance, you don’t want your child opening hot ovens, or cabinets filled with utensils that can hurt them.

. Keep sharp knives in your upper cupboards: Speaking of utensils that can hurt your children, it is definitely safer to store sharp utensils, especially knives in your upper cupboards out of the reach of your children.

. Ensure that electrical cables are out of reach:  There are so many reasons why you should remove electrical cables from the sight of children. Firstly, the cables can make a child fall and get injured. Also, if you have a toddler, and he or she sees a dangling cable, there would be an urge to pull it. If the cable is connected to say, a toaster, it could fall on the child. To avoid this, keep cables out of reach, or put appliances away when they are not in use.

Your children need to enjoy their summer holiday, and I’m sure you’d make sure they do.  With extra care, they can get the best out of their vacation without getting hurt! Have fun with your kids!!

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